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2331 Hwy #2 | Milford Station, Nova Scotia | B0N 1Y0

Phone: 902-758-4620
Fax:   902-758-4626

Mike Smith – Principal

SmithMT@ccrce.ca (758-4621)


Lee Anne Arsenault –  VP Grades 10 & 12

arsenaultLA@ccrce.ca (758-4623)

Dianne Fraser – VP Grades 9 & 11

FraserDM@ccrce.ca (758-4699)

Stephanie Dean-Moore – Guidance – Grades 10 & 12

Dean-MooreSD@ccrce.ca (758-4627)

Shawna Shiers– Guidance – Grades 9 & 11

ShiersS@ccrce.ca (758-4612)

Sherri Crowell – Administrative Assistant, Main Office

CrowellSA@ccrce.ca (902-758-4615)

Kari Blaikie – Administrative Assistant

Attendance, Transcripts, Bursaries & Scholarships

BlaikieKL@ccrce.ca (902-758-4622)


February is African Heritage Month

February is African Heritage Month. This month we will be telling you about some notable African Canadians.

Introducing Mary Ann Shad

Mary Ann Shadd was Canada's first black female newspaper publisher. Born in the United States to free parents, Shadd moved to Canada and founded The Provincial Freeman, a weekly newspaper in Ontario. Ms Shad also ran a racially integrated school for black refugees in Windsor, Ont.

Shadd advocated strongly for school desegregation, worked to encourage black Americans to move to Canada, and was one of the first black women to complete a law degree after moving back to the U.S. during the Civil War.