At-home Learning Packages - SaltWire Network

April 2, 2020

SaltWire Network will be distributing at-home learning packages bi-weekly for grade primary to 9 students through a partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Education.

If you know a family without technology who needs these learning packages, please offer to sign them up or ask them to call 1-902-426-3031 Ext. 5 to register to get the at-home learning packages.

LINK to SaltWire Network


COVID-19 Update (March 10)


Let’s work together to prevent the spread of illness!

The risk of COVID-19 remains low in Nova Scotia at this time, however, the international situation is rapidly evolving. Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education (CCRCE) is in close contact with officials at public health who are monitoring the situation closely.

Welcome to Hants East Rural High


2331 Hwy #2 | Milford Station, Nova Scotia | B0N 1Y0

Phone: 902-758-4620
Fax:   902-758-4626

Mike Smith – Principal (758-4621)


Lee Anne Arsenault –  VP Grades 10 & 12 (758-4623)

Dianne Fraser – VP Grades 9 & 11 (758-4699)

Stephanie Dean-Moore – Guidance – Grades 10 & 12 (758-4627)

Shawna Shiers– Guidance – Grades 9 & 11 (758-4612)

Sherri Crowell – Administrative Assistant, Main Office (902-758-4615)

Kari Blaikie – Administrative Assistant

Attendance, Transcripts, Bursaries & Scholarships (902-758-4622)


EHSC - Free Futsal Sessions


EHSC have put together some Free Futsal Sessions for U13-U18 (basically gr 6-12's) to see if we can draw some players out for the upcoming season.  We have Mon/Wed at HERH (thank you Craig) to run these sessions (2 sessions for U13, U15, U18 respectively) This is not Evaluations, simply have the players come out and play- so there is no coaching required as it will be all games- however, you are more than welcome to get out and observe etc as you feel fit- I will officiate the game- we'll use a hybrid format of soccer/futsal rules to keep it very basic.

Rob and I have been piecing together the Evaluations that will start Apr 8th (week of) with gym timeslot allotted between HERH & REC- hope to have that schedule ready soon.